What is done

The songs that yell of glory

barely whisper of it


The pride that won’t suffer poison

flying in the enemy’s direction

has no inbound shield

nor words to speak of it


The campfire burns the fear of tomorrow

The spirits burn caution

But nothing burns the fear of yesterday


The cavalry circles the unmounted

The dread of peace circles the heart

In the fireless dark

we circle the words

the confession

of regret


Subway, late.

Late start. The train is empty and dark, doors open but not inviting.

Some idiot is running around in the tunnel. Police is already there.

Upon an invisible signal, passengers board the dark train.

It’s almost cosy.

Lights on.


Finally creeping along the tracks.


New arrivals bring Turkish pop.


Train change. Announcement. Traffic is irregular. You don’t say?

New arrivals bring German rap.

A resolute lady tells them to turn it off. After several attempts, they do.

The middle-aged hippie wants it back.


Is the continuous laughter just drunk or mad?


Number of people nodding off increasing.


Is that a drawing of a man, or a stain on the station pillar?


Terminus. The little girl with the cat face shoes is unhappy to be woken up.

I want to sleep, too.


The night rain drives them in here.

White neon and guilty looks.

Looking away, looking down, still white-glared upon.

Outside, blurred colourful neon in the dark.

More customers that aren’t, and those that become.

Stranded irregulars

trapping themselves inside the glass walls

looking for a purpose of being here.

Shuffling flicking through magazines.

Alibi hotdog purchases.

Shoving in the door area.

A baby crying.

A toy tantrum.

Someone regrets his hotdog purchase,

woeful looks outside.

But the rain falls on.

And the white light sees all.

Somen / Lettuce Bowl

Somen Lettuce Bowl

  • Cook a portion of somen noodles, rinse with cold water
  • Place in a bowl side by side with mixed lettuce
  • Top with:
    • Crab meat
    • Red caviar (any kind)
    • Spring onions
    • Black sesame seeds
  • Dressing:
    • Soy sauce
    • Mirin
    • Orange acid
    • Sherry
    • Sesame oil


And just leave out the crab meat and caviar for the veggie version!

Somen Lettuce Bowl Veggie




Looking down:

Up here there’s rock;

down there there’s water,

and more rock for those unfortunate.


Precedent images are plenty.

Tragic falls, both voluntary and not,

and last minute rescues,

and the rescue choices: this one or that one?

As well as dated shower gel commercials.


The great opposites.


The severity of stone and the rush of wild water.

The howling wind up top and the cool stream.

Yes and no.

All in all,

all things considered,

let’s let the choice be,

I’d rather not.


via Daily Prompt: Gorge