Summer Soba Bowl



A refreshing low-calorie summer lunch:


The soba:

Boil a bundle of soba per person, drain, rinse with cold water until cold, put aside.

(You can also drain the soba water into a mug for a healthy hot drink.)


The salad:

Cut up and mix:

  • Lettuce (I mixed salarico and romaine)
  • Roma tomatoes
  • Yellow carrots


The dressing:

  • Soba sauce
  • Lime juice
  • Soy sauce
  • Sesame oil
  • Salt


Arrange salad and soba side by side in a bowl, stir in dressing


The topping:

  • Crab meat
  • Nori sprinkles
  • Black sesame seeds


Add the topping, and done!

Spicy miso ramen & Tofu cucumber salad

A light, mostly-Asian summer dinner

Starting off with this tofu/cucumber salad:

Tofu cucumber salad

  • Diced cucumbers
  • Diced tofu (silk tofu works best)
  • 1 sliced pepperoncino
  • A dash of rice vinegar
  • A dash of soy sauce
  • Sprinkled dark sesame seeds
  • Torn-up sprinkled nori leaves

The pepperoncino slices introduce a bit of spice but are offset by the mild tofu, the fresh cucumber and the rice vinegar’s zestiness. The soy sauce adds flavour and a welcome salty note at the end of a hot day.

Next up is the main course:

Spicy miso ramen

Spicy miso ramen


  • Light miso paste
  • A dash of sriracha sauce
  • ½ teaspoon gochujang paste
  • Dashi
  • Sea salt
  • Kaffir lime (leaf / powder)
  • Ginger
  • A dash of soy sauce
  • Diced tofu
  • Ramen
  • Sprinkled dark sesame seeds


Here we have the spice right in the broth, with dashi, miso paste and soy sauce for body and depth and ginger and kaffir lime leaf to carry on with a fresh note.

Simply leave out the dashi for the vegan version.


Second take

Would it have mattered?

Tossing the blade in the haystack conveniently

‘fore ever cutting but

would she have listened?

Dull blades bring pain to the wielder, so

saving oneself all this pain is the smarter move certainly ­­–

would she have found it dull?

Picking up forsaken arguments out of the rabble of one’s thoughts,

a hopeless endeavor,

a blade in a haystack,

not that hard to find, but if you don’t watch out, it’ll cut you

only for you to present it,

not even cutting, in case it is dull

This is the blade I neglected to use on you,

does it still matter?



Sir Reginal’s Sorrow

Now there you lie, struck by my blow,
You whom I tried to call my foe.
Great Prince Melika lives no more,
And hungry waves lap at the shore.
Will they know what a prize they’re sent,
Will they take you and be content?
Or will they rise up, finally free
Of you who wonder, you who see?
Into your fears I would not feed,
Your dire warnings could not heed.
Your tendril-words did plant a fear,
And I bought silence with a spear.
Late lesson learned after we fell:
Where silence reigns, peace cannot dwell.
If only I could have relented,
If only it could have been prevented.
Years-honoured Prince and life-mourned foe,
Leave now behind this realm of woe.
Oh wretched curse, oh fate lamented!
If only it could have been prevented.


Revisiting Kinfla River

Once more at the river

that leads out of here

Deceptively silent


How we used to wonder

What use is a river

Surrounded by ocean?


Now it offers safety

that we used to scorn

Reckless days


An old beggar sitting

Feeding the sea birds

today’s bread


Surrounding shorelines

Littered with harbours

Mid-goals of longing


To be lost out once more

But these days we know:

One’d be lost forever


To unknow it then

Once more scorn the safety

To wish to be lost